Antisemitism in the 21st century

pet 21. februar 2014.

(A lecture by Jelena Djurovic given at Limmud Keshet conference, Montenegro, november 2013.)


If the Jew did not exist, the anti-Semite would invent him.

Jean-Paul Sartre,Reflections on the Jewish Question, 1945.


At the beginning of this lecture, which focuses on contemporary antisemitism as its main topic, I would like to define three terms which – although similar – do not have identical meanings. As I will use these words frequently, I would like to emphasize the differences between them:

Antisemitism – hostility towards Jews based on their religious, national or racial identity. The term antisemitism was first used by Wilhelm Marr in the 1870s to differentiate between old anti-Judaism and modern, political, ethnic or racial opposition toward Jews. In some languages (such as English), the word antisemitism is sometimes hyphenated. This practice, however, legitimizes the word Semitism as a racial denotation, while the original use of the terms Semitic and Arian/Indo-European indicates linguistic – not racial – groups. Jews (by changing the meaning of Semitism into a racial definition) are not a race: what unites the Jews is their nation, tradition, history, culture, identity, perhaps even fate. In addition, despite the fact that Arabic also belongs to the family of Semitic languages, when an anti-Semite speaks against Semites, it is the Jew whom he has in mind.

According to the most widespread interpretation, anti-Judaism is based on antagonism towards Jewish religious beliefs; hence, it differs from antisemitism in that antisemitism roots its hostility in racial and ethnic reasons. However, in his most recent work on this topic, Anti-Judaism: The Western Tradition, Professor David Nirenberg (Department of History at the University of Chicago) uses the term anti-Judaism, because he holds that it covers a wider field of prejudices. Nirenberg writes that there is a set of certain ideas, ideals, cultural features, ways of thinking and attitudes toward life that – in the eyes of the Western civilization – collectively constitute „Jewishness”, not taking into account whether the person who practices them is in fact Jewish or not. Hence, I will use this term in this lecture.

Anti-Zionism is opposition to the political movement of Zionism, which emerged as an idea to encourage Jews to return to Eretz Israel. What characterizes anti-Zionism is the opposition to the political decisions made by the government of the State of Israel or, in its more radical form, opposition to the very idea that the Jews have the right to have their own state. In some modern texts, anti-Zionism is now called anti-Israelism.


Anti-Judaism – the old model of hostility toward Jews – has been in existence since ancient Egyptian and Roman times. However, the shape which it has, in one way or another, kept until today was given in the texts of the four canonical Gospels of the New Testament in early Christian times. In 386 AD, John Chrysostom, who would later became the archbishop of Constantinople, wrote eight homilies entitled Adversus Judaeos – “Against the Jews”. These homilies, which Chrysostom first recited while still a presbyter in Antioch, are considered to be one of the most violent denunciations of Jews to be found in Christian theology.

Only two years later, in 388 AD, the first Christian attack on a Jewish community in history occurred in Callinicum in Mesopotamia (present-day city of Al-Raqqah in Syria). An armed mob burnt the local synagogue to the ground.

These were the beginnings – or roots – of everything that the Jews have faced from that moment to modern times.

Early 21st Century and the Causes behind the new wave of Antisemitism, Anti-Judaism and Anti-Zionism

In order to present my topic – antisemitism in contemporary times and possible responses of Jewish and civil communities to this problem – in this short timespan as best I can, I would first like to determine the beginning of the 21st century both in the political and historical sense.

Some historians and political scientists have claimed that 20th century began with the October Revolution in Russia and ended with the fall of the Berlin Wall. This historical circle – which might as well be a dramatic one, because the story methaporically ends where it began – immediately reminds us of the influential book by Francis Fukuyama entitled The End of History and the Last Man (published in 1992). This renowned American scholar predicted that the fall of communist and socialist regimes in Europe and the Soviet Union would be followed by a sudden expansion of liberal democracy in various parts of the world. This process would, in fact, mark the end of human socio-cultural evolution, meaning that the model of liberal democracy as a social and political system represents the final form in the organization of human society.

Fukuyama could not have predicted that the beginning of the next century would bring seismic changes on the global political stage and that the forces which would endeavour to get in the way of this „liberal heaven” (led by the US, of course) were already preparing their onslaught while he was writing his thesis. 

If we – for the purposes of this lecture and using the 21st century as an example – choose to interpret certain decisive historic event as a marking point, we could say that the 21st century began on September 11th 2001. This was the day when the dichotomy between two fundamentally different and conflicting ideologies became clearer to see. On one side stand the democratic countries of the world, most notably represented by the US, the EU and Israel; on the other side are oppressive regimes scattered around the globe… This dichotomy became the paradigm of the world order in which states found themselves following the 9/11.

However, the emergence of modern antisemitism also coincided with the development of computer technology, the Internet, the transfer of media to computer screens, and the expansion of social networks. This process began a year earlier – in 2000 – with the outbreak of the Second Intifada or the Oslo War. Unsuccessful negotiations between Arafat and Barak held at Camp David in July of the same year made the situation even more dangerous. Conflicts broke out on the ground, but also in the new media. Anti-Israeli websites, blogs and portals calling for destruction of Israel became an everyday occurrence on the Internet. After a few relatively peaceful years, anti-Semitic feelings once again reached boiling point. At a superficial glance, the cause of this would appear to have been the policy of Israel; however, if we examine the matter more closely, we realize that the dissemination of hostility through new media was just a logical continuation of what had long been brewing in the minds of Israel’s open enemies (such as Iran) and some anti-Zionist Western intellectuals. Hence, the events in Israel had adirect influence on these new outbursts of anti-Zionism, but indirectly they gave rise to a new kind of antisemitism and anti-Judaism in European countries. Even though the larger part of the Jewish population lives outside their homeland and does not affect its decisions, they began to experience blurring of the line between benevolent criticism of Israel’s political actions and anti-Semitic messages.

In his new book The Devil That Never Dies: The Rise and Threat of Global Antisemitism, Daniel Jonah Goldhagen writes that antisemitism doubled its strength owing to the process of Internet globalization. As Goldhagen’s research reveals, prejudices against Israel are so strong that over 50% of surveyed Europeans feel that Israel is waging a war to extinction against Palestine, despite the fact that the Palestinian population has doubled in occupied territories during the last ten years. According to Goldhagen, the journalists who are aware of these data but choose not to share them, partake in this new, global antisemitism. (Goldhagen claims that in the 20thcentury antisemitism was mostly local and aimed at Jewish communities within certain countries, but in the 21st century it became globalized and began to include all Jews, wherever they might come from.)

Thus, at the very beginning we have two major political changes which – each in its own way – support the new direction of global antisemitism.

The first change was certainly the attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon; in response to this, the US administration launched an open war against terrorist organizations in the Middle East and Central Asia, ultimately leading to the death of Osama bin Laden ten years later. On the other hand, Israel reacted preventively and defensively, by stepping up actions against Hamas and its satellites, while Netanyahu proved himself as uncompromising in his efforts to keep both political and military control over the situation. As a consequence, the old/new rhetoric (re)appeared among Islamic fundamentalists, but also among European neo-Nazi and antisemitic groups and individuals: people of Jewish origin – wherever they might live and whatever they might do – began to be perceived through the prism of Israeli and American political actions.

This chain of associations – found not only among the eccentric conspiracy theory advocates, some of which claim that workers of Jewish origin failed to show up for work on 9/11 – goes like this: the reason behind the American war against terror was to procure oil and protect its „favorites” in Israel (Of course, claims like these ignore the fact that terrorist groups do indeed exist). On the other hand, there were voices which claimed that the attack on the US was a just revenge for its imperialistic policy and the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories. As Christopher Hitchens wrote on September 20th 2001:

Does anyone suppose that an Israeli withdrawal from Gaza would have forestalled the slaughter in Manhattan? It would take a moral cretin to suggest anything of the sort; the cadres of the new jihad make it very apparent that their quarrel is with Judaism and secularism on principle, not with (or not just with) Zionism.  

The American operations in Iraq and Afghanistan; the formulation of the so-called Negroponte doctrine at the UN Security Council; and renewed friction in Israel – all of this emboldened those who were just waiting for reasons to start propagating their views, opinions and criticisms in the media. The first result of this was the negative connotation given to American and Israeli political decisions; the second result, however, was the new wave of so-called intellectual antisemitism. Not unusually, the harshest critiques and most abrasive texts were penned by intellectuals of Jewish origin – for example, Noam Chomsky and Norman Finkelstein (this circumstance need not be negative as such). This pair certainly cannot be accused of antisemitism: Chomsky is a son of a Rabbi, while Finkelstein’s parents are Holocaust survivors. In addition to this, they cannot be denied the right to say or write whatever they might think. However, the dangerous ramification of the writings and lectures in which they criticize Israel or some Jewish authors, are in fact the reader comments. These comments – whose importance frequently surpasses that of the original – sometimes change the course of the debate and influence the reader’s impression of the main text. The discussion under the text starts off as on-topic, but frequently ends with „the global Jewish conspiracy” or various stereotypes about members of the Jewish community. As one of the most influential leftist intellectuals in the world, Chomsky additionally encourages the commentators by his external acts. Let us not forget that Chomsky attended a Hezbollah meeting in Lebanon and offered his support to the controversial French professor Robert Faurisson, who denies the Holocaust and the gas chambers in his books, going as far as to claim that The Diary of a Young Girl (Anne Frank) is in fact a forgery.

Neither Finkelstein, who is often hysterical in his public appearances, nor Chomsky in his role of the soft-spoken sage, can be considered members of the American ruling establishment. But indirect antisemitism is sometimes fed by those who do indeed belong to this establishment. Let us consider Ron Paul, a long-serving Congressman and a presidential candidate. Paul recently took part at the conference „The Road to Peace” organized by the Catholic organization the Fatima Center, considered to be the largest group of radical anti-Semites on American soil. 

I have used these examples to illustrate how texts relating to Israel can be used as a playground not only for the commentators’ anti-Zionist tirades but also for their anti-Semitic outbursts. Also, conferences on the „road to peace” or tolerance organized by radical groups might not be what their titles suggest.

The problem is what remains behind the texts, the conferences, the videos: the comments and replies to those comments which are (often without having been moderated) published beneath editorials and YouTube videos. It is here that outbursts of unabashed hatred abound – and this hatred is being read or watched by hundreds of thousands who will soon cast their votes to determine the direction of European and American foreign policy. Not to mention the Islamic fundamentalists who find further justification for their acts in such material.

Precise data is impossible to collect owing to the very nature of Internet content, its size and complexity, but there are opinions that in 2010 User Generated Content (on social networks, comments on media websites and blogs, reviews of various services, products and events, etc.) exceeded the amount of professionally created content (media, academic institutions etc.). We can only assume that in 2013 this gap became even greater in favor of User Generated Content.

Also, the influence of this content is continually growing. Studies reveal that user reviews have a much stronger influence on potential buyers of products or services than the information provided by the manufacturer or service provider.

The situation is not much different when it comes to news and editorials. Their influence is constantly diminishing in comparison with the user-created content (comments, reviews, blogs…). In a way, the authority of the article less and less depends on the academic reputation of the author (or some other assessable criterion), and is becoming increasingly dependent on how the anonymous mass audience appraises the article or the hypothesis contained therein.

Taking into account the huge influence of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter (where all content is user-generated and not subject to any moderation), it becomes clear that in the 21st century the Internet provides fertile ground for the dissemination of antisemitism.

This is a problem that plagues all Jewish communities in the modern world. In the second part of this lecture, I will offer suggestions for the ways in which each and every one of us can help stop the dissemination of hatred and hostility toward the Jewish people.

The aforementioned Christopher Hitchens was one of the bravest and most lauded journalists in the Western hemisphere, famous – among other things – for his atheism. He discovered that he had Jewish roots at the age of 38, but that did not deter him from objectively writing about Israel, in a manner which illustrates that it is possible to criticize political decisions, but at the same time be a resolute opponent of anti-Semitic speech. Ten years ago, following the bombing of the Neve Shalom synagogue in Istanbul, Hitchens wrote:

The worshippers at the Neve Shalom were not killed for building a settlement in the West Bank: They were members of a very old and honourable community who were murdered for being Jews.

This short quote shows that it is harder to be a Jew in the 21st century than it was twenty years ago. The antisemitism which emerged after the American interventions in the first decade of this century is often accompanied by (and inseparable from) various forms of anti-Americanism and anti-Europeanism. This new brand of antisemitism is often not limited to the political decisions of the State of Israel in the field of foreign policy or internal affairs and the culture, customs and religion of the Jewish people. Hence, this new antisemitism becomes an aggregation of anti-Zionism and anti-Judaism. 

Case: Serbia

Silence and disregard contribute to the development of antisemitism. In this part of the lecture I will present several examples from Serbia, my native country. Hate speech against Jews and participation in the Holocaust that occurred in the 20th century, have, in a way, been legitimized and obliterated in the 21st century. Even though one cannot antisemitism in an everyday conversation with the citizens of Belgrade, it is there, maybe not as an active agent in social environment, but a certain actuality of hate speech is being tolerated, ignored, overlooked, and even glorified.

As you may know, Bishop Nikolaj Velimirovi compared Adolf Hitler with Saint Sava in a lecture held at People’s University Kolarac in Belgrade, in 1935. I quote:

“However, we must commend the current German leader, who, being a simple workman and a man of the people, realized that nationalism without faith is nothing but an aberration, a cold and vulnerable mechanism. And here, in the twentieth century, he introduced the same ideas as once Saint Sava himself, and as a layman, he has undertaken the most important job for his people, which is a trait of a true saint, a genius and a hero.“

Vladimirovi’s antisemitism is undisputed; thus, he wrote in 1944: “All modern European principles were crafted by Jews, who crucified Christ: democracy, strikes, socialism, atheism, religious tolerance, pacifism, universal revolution, capitalism and communism. These are all Jews’ inventions, as well as their father’s, the devil. And all this with an intent to humiliate Christ, to annihilate him, and to put their Jewish messiah on Christ’s throne, not realizing to this very day that their father is the Satan himself, who had harnessed and whipped them with his lash. My brothers, the things Jews do against God the Father and God the Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, are no surprise. For the Lord Jesus Christ himself said that the devil is their father and how they engage in their father’s delights... That is something to think about, Serbs, my brothers, and in that sense retrieve your path before your minds, wishes and acts. Don’t be seduced like the sons of Satan! May the Lord be your shepherd. Amen.”

The man who wrote these words in the chapter called "The Jews and Their Father the Devil" was canonized by the Serbian Orthodox Church in 2003.

Only a small number of media, and mainly those with a limited readership, have condemned this act. Velimirovi‘s canonization gives a kind of legitimacy to the antisemitism within the institution which citizens of Serbia have the most confidence in, namely - the Orthodox Church; therefore this act must be taken very seriously.

The Neo-Nazi groups such as the relatively new Srbska Akcija, readily chose the day of Saint Nikolaj of ia to be the patron saint day of their organization.

This type of indirect antisemitism in Serbia, whose consequences will be discussed later, is strengthened by the social and political evasion of certain topics. The initiative to build a memorial museum at Staro Sajmište, on the left bank of the Sava river, the site where a large number of Serbian Jews were killed, is being ignored by the authorities, who justify their inaction by complicated property ownership issues. The atmosphere that led to pogroms against Belgrade Jews was created by the collaborationist regime of Milan Nedi, who, in addition to Velimirovi, represents another example of how the anti-Semitic act, which has not been fully explained or condemned, can pour over from one century into another.

Notably, on 22 October 1941, in occupied Belgrade "The Great Anti - Masonic Exhibition " was opened, funded by the Nazi occupiers. The central theme of the exhibition was the alleged Judeo - Masonic - Communist conspiracy for global domination, similar to the propaganda that the Russian Secret Police, prior to Russian Revolution, published in the notorious hoax called "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion." A large amount of propaganda material had been prepared for the exhibition (200,000 brochures, 60,000 posters...) The Serbian newspapers of the time, such as Obnova and Naša Borba glorified the aforementioned exhibition, proclaiming that the Jews were ancient enemies of the Serbian people. Art was thus used as a tool for creating the image of "others"; on billboards as well as on postage stamps issued later by the government, Jews were depicted as both communists and capitalists. British scholar, historian and author Norman Cohn, characterized this as a "warranty for genocide." An exhibition of these posters, most of them owned by a world-renowned illustrator and designer Mirko Ili, has travelled through all the major cities of the former Yugoslavia, but could not be displayed in Belgrade.

Another example is the monument at the Staro Sajmište execution site. Some right-wing intellectuals objected to the erection of a monument, arguing that Sajmište belonged to the territory of the Independent State of Croatia (NDH) back then (this part of Belgrade was on the territory of NDH during German occupation). Yet, it should be noted that the Jews from Belgrade and the rest of Serbia were killed at this particular location, and that they ended up there thanks to the collaborationist government of Serbia. If this argument doesn’t cut it, there is also a report from the Jewish Community which states that the majority of Serbian Jews, approximately 8000 of them, were killed in the concentration camp Topovske Šupe in Belgrade’s neighborhood Vodovac. Vodovac wasn’t on the territory of NDH. The gas vans called Dušegupke (mobile gas chambers with exhaust fumes transmitted into the rear compartment where the victims were locked in, resulting in death by carbon-monoxide poisoning) were departing from Staro Sajmište, but their main death-route passed through Belgrade city centre.

In June 1942, the report to Berlin stated: Serbien ist Judenfrei. Vienna, where the German soldiers arrived in March 1938, managed to protect their Jews until October 1942, while Berlin held out until 1943.

Milan Nedi, a convicted collaborator, like Marshal Petain in France and Vidkun Quisling in Norway, was included in the list of 100 most influential Serbs by the Serbian Academy of Science and Arts. His portrait hanged on the wall in the Serbian Parliament along with portraits of all Serbian prime ministers and was finally removed at the initiative of Ivica Dai, current Prime Ministre of Serbia (as of November 2013). The portrait of other Nazi governor of Belgrade, Dragi „The Sheriff“ Jovanovi, was also there until recently, along with other mayors of Belgrade.

Sweeping things under the carpet, blurring of historical facts, historical revisionism and apologetic attitude towards the collaborationists still causes trouble for Jewish community to this day. Hate speech from the XX century pours over into the new era.

Serbia provides us with another example for this thesis. Namely, in March this year, around the date of the commemoration of the NATO bombing of Serbia, the posters printed and put up by the neo-Nazi organization (Blood & Honour / Combat 18 -Blut und Ehre was the motto of  Hitler jugend) appeared on the streets of Belgrade.

As you can see, the process of connecting the "Jewish and Masonic conspiracy" with the American foreign policy is obvious. During the bombing, many Serbian media quoted the names of Clinton’s cabinet members (Madeleine Albright, Robert Rubin, William Cohen, Dan Glickman) noting that they were all "Jews". Of course, everyone had disregarded the fact that Glickman was the Secretary of Agriculture, Rubin Secretary of Finance, while Albright was raised Catholic and William Cohen was a member of the Unitarian Church.

Nevertheless, as the old adage says, "silence is consent" and thus little or no reaction at all to these examples actually generates the antisemitism and anti-Judaism which we are gradually getting used to, while the walls of Belgrade, the European metropolis with nearly two million inhabitants, are covered with symbols like these.

A few days ago, one of the leaders of the Red Star football club fans Ivan Bogdanov, known as the "Beast from Genoa," was photographed in a shameful Nazi pose with his hand held up high and a shirt that says "Auschwitzland - Arbeitmachtfrei". On his right arm, there is a tattoo of a number 28 (B and H, Blood and Honour).

The image was posted on one of the Facebook pages of Red Star fans and generally received a positive feedback. The Serbian State Prosecutorial believes that there is no ground for criminal liability in the case of Ivan Bogdanov and stated that he might only be charged for misdemeanour.

But even the print media is not immune to direct or indirect antisemitism. Last week, in one of the most popular daily newspapers, after a "poetic" text about football fans, whose sympathetic tone was protested against by civil activists, a new "corrective" text was published to explain the symbolism behind the number 18 - the amblem for young neo-Nazi groups, which, in this case, appeared on the apartment door of an LGBT activist.

The hate message left on the door of a gay activist Boban Stojanovi was signed by a number 18, which in neo-Nazi symbolism represents the initials of Adolf Hitler, by the first (A) and eighth (H) letter of the alphabet. In the streets we often encounter hate speech and acts of hate which show that the neo-Nazis are on the rise and represent a threat to Serbia. The responsibility for the vandalism directed towards Stojanovi was claimed by a neo-Nazi group "Combat 18", whose members are mostly active in the territory of the Republic of Srpska, which is an offshoot of the eponymous British movement that emerged in the early nineties ("Combat 18"). The aforementioned number 18 was also seen on the flag of Squad 18 (the most extreme neo-Nazi subgroup of the United Force, fans of the football club “Rad“) hanged by the supporters of FC Rad last night in front of a cafe near the stadium in honour of their murdered leader. More than 50 of his friends, fans of FC Rad and bikers, gathered outside the cafe, and the tribute was payed by holding the burning torches in a manner similar to the Nazi salute.

Serbian neo-Nazis, as well as their ideological supporters around the world obsess with the Jewish conspiracy and the existence of so-called ZOG (Zionist Occupation Government). Under this term, they imply the entire legal, political and economic order and perceive themselves as revolutionaries and warriors who fight against it.

What can we - as Jewish community members and compatriots - do about this?

In May this year, a Forum Against Hate Speech on the Internet was held in Belgrade. According to Milan Antonijevi, the executive director of YUCOM, one of the methods to counter this negative phenomenon is to discontinue with the policy of impunity for such acts.

"Where does hate speech come from? From the mentioned impunity, to the very messages – sent by the politicians and by other segments of society, the so-called elements of civil society such as the Church, which expresses attitudes that incite hate speech which later, when you read them, especially in the comments, result in a continuation of this speech that does not receive any judgement whatsoever," said Antonijevi.

What we, as members of the Jewish community, friends and families can do about it, is not to passively observe the phenomena I have mentioned. Every outburst of antisemitism and anti-Judaism must be a reason for the Jews to raise their voice both as a community and individually. We will issue statements and address them to the relevant government departments of the countries we live in – and they will certainly not remain unheeded. If we already enjoy the protection of the organizations of civil society, then we must work even harder and more efficiently than they do.

On the other hand, engaging in the discussions on the forums, or commenting below the articles in daily newspapers is quite futile, because the rational arguments that we could present, will be drowned in the myriad of other irrational, pathological and hateful comments.

However, there are a number of groups on the social networks, and notable websites, which treat the problem of antisemitism in a constructive way. Also, there are the texts of prominent authors where we can find good analyses of the policies of the State of Israel, both those who support these policies, and the others, which competently criticize them. When you encounter these kinds of articles, share them with friends via email or social networks - it's the least you can do.

The affirmation of Jewish culture, recommending films that deal with contemporary Jewish issues, as well as with the Holocaust, is another example of how, through constructive action, we can draw attention to this community – a community which has left its legacy to mankind, not only of cultural, but also of capital historical, political and scientific importance.

I'll finish with another quote of Christopher Hitchens, who said:

Because anti-Semitism is the godfather of racism and the gateway to tyranny and fascism and war, it is to be regarded not as the enemy of the Jewish people, I learned, but as the common enemy of humanity and of civilization, and has to be fought against very tenaciously for that reason, most especially in its current, most virulent form of Islamic Jihad. Daniel Pearl's revolting murderer was educated at the London School of Economics. Our Christmas bomber over Detroit was from a neighboring London college, the chair of the Islamic Students' Society. Many pogroms against Jewish people are being reported from all over Europe today as I'm talking, and we can only expect this to get worse, and we must make sure our own defenses are not neglected. Our task is to call this filthy thing, this plague, this—this pest, by its right name; to make unceasing resistance to it, knowing all the time that it's probably ultimately ineradicable, and bearing in mind that its hatred towards us is a compliment, and resolving (some of the time, at any rate) to do a bit more to deserve it. 


Below, in addition to references to the texts that I have quoted, here are links to web sites which I read and recommend, Jewish-themed movies that are though provoking, and books that I think are important for the understanding of contemporary Jewish problems.










Anti-Judaism: The Western Tradition by David Nirenberg

The Devil That Never Dies: The Rise and Threat of Global Anti-Semitism by Daniel Jonah Goldhagen

Why are Jews liberals? By Norman Podhoretz

A Convenient Hatred: The History of Anti-Semitism by Phyllis Goldstein

The Changing Face of Anti-Semitism: From Ancient Times to the Present Day by Walter Laqueur



A Serious Man – Joel and Ethan Cohen

Crimes and Misdemeanors – Woody Allen

This must be the place - Paolo Sorrentino

Schindler’s List – Steven Spielberg

The Pianist - Roman Polanski

Taking Sides - István Szabó

Munich – Steven Spielberg

Keeping the faith – Edward Norton

Inglorious Basterds – Quentin Tarantino

The Believer – Henry Bean

The Element of Crime – Lars Von Trier

The White Ribbon – Michael Haneke


Translated by: Ksenija Latinovi

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World Jewish Congress welcomes jailing of Radovan Karadzic for crimes against humanity

WJC et 24. mart 2016.
International Yugoslavia Tribunal sentences former Bosnian Serb leader to 40 years in prison World Jewish Congress welcomes jailing of Radovan Karadzic for crimes against humanity NEW YORK – World Jewish Congress (WJC) Pre

Ego kroz Ekov eho

Jelena urovic sub 20. februar 2016.
Kad sam bila mlaa, pisala sam knjige. Danas pišem kratke prie (pogledati rubriku "642" ). Moj prvi roman "Kraljevstvo" objavljen je 2003. godine i prošao je relativno nezapaeno. I dalje smatram kako bi bilo zanimljivo da napravim reizdanje, što u jednog dana moda i uiniti. Realizaciji ovog plana sam bila najbl


Jelena Djurovic sub 30. januar 2016.
“Oh really?! And how was it?” – I get this question from none of my friends when I say that I’ve visited Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp. “I went to Auschwitz” On the other side of the table is just silence, a distracted stare. My usually bubbly friends now seem like the people who don’t know what they are allowed to say, or how to behave. “I deal with that every day”, I continue. “You can ask whatever you want.” Nothing. No


Jelena urovi sre 27. januar 2016.
27. januar - Meunarodni dan seanja na Holokaust “E stvarno! I kako je bilo?”, ovo ne pita me niko kad kaem da sam pre nedelju dana posetila Aušvic-Birkenau koncentracioni logor. “Išla sam u Aušvic”. Sa druge strane je utanje, naješe zbunjeni pogled sagovornika koji se našao u situaciji da ne zna šta sme da kae, kako da se ponaša. “Bavim se time svaki dan, poznajem

Jelena Djurovic: "You cannot be half pregnant. The same goes for being Jewish"

WJC pet 20. novembar 2015.
Originally published on worldjewishcongress.org on 19 Nov 2015 Meet Jelena Djurovic: Journalist, local politician in Belgrade and vice president of the Jewish community in Montenegro. She commutes between Belgrade, Serbia and Podgorica, Montenegro and wears all of her professional hats with diligence and expertise. She is a pillar of the Balkan Jewish community, but

The Euro-Asian Jewish Congress Statement in connection with the terrorist attacks in Paris

EAJC ned 15. novembar 2015.
Euro-Asian Jewish Congress (EAJC) expresses its solidarity to the people and Government of France, which became the subject of an unprecedented terrorist attack. We wish them courage and wisdom in this hard moment.

Svet kakav zasluujemo

Jelena urovi sub 26. septembar 2015.
(Tekst objavljen u TV dodatku dnevnog lista "Blic") Druga sezona serije “Pravi detektiv” (produkcija HBO) bila je moda najoekivaniji televizijski dogaaj u ovom veku. O podeli se raspravljalo mesecima, a kad su se u prvom glumakom ešalonu pojavila imena Vinsa Vona, Rejel Mekadams, Kolina Farela i Tejlora Kia uzbuenje fanova je dostiglo vrhunac. Nik Picolato, scenarista i glavni kreator eleo je da ostane osnovno kreativno uporište, dok bi se zaplet serije, glumci i reditelji

Jelena urovi za Pobjedu: "Posle raspada Jugoslavije vratila sam se otadbini"

Dragan Banjac - Pobjeda sub 5. septembar 2015.
Intervju objavljen u "Pobjedi" 21. juna 2015. godine Diplomirala je na beogradskom Fakultetu dramskih umetnosti (Pozorišna i radio produkcija) i devedesetih radila na nekoliko pozorišnih projekata, ali „zbog korupcije i nepotizma” brzo napušta teatar. Prvi roman, “Kraljevstvo” objavljuje 2003. godine. Usavršava se iz oblasti novinarstva a sa grupom kolega pokree (2008) prvu nezavisnu internet radio stanicu u Srbiji Novi

Van Morrison - TOP 15

Redakcija pon 31. avgust 2015.
Povodom 70 godina od roenja Vana Morisona, AgitPop predlae listu TOP 15 naših omiljenih pesama ovog genijalnog muziara. Napominjemo i da pod obavezno preslušate kompletan album “Astral Weeks” ako to do sada nikada niste uinili. Pesme smo poreali redosledom od petnaeste ka prvoj i najboljoj, ali poinjemo obradom koja je zapravo van (Van:) konkurencije. U pitanju je numera koju je napisao Bob Dilan, a Morison ju je otpevao sa svojim bendom Them. O njegovoj interpretaciji Dilana su se izjasnili kritiari...

Eurovizija - najbolji tvitovi

Redakcija pon 25. maj 2015.
Albanija nama dva poena mi njima kosovo — D'NUTELLA BURSACE (@VanjaBursac) May 23, 2015 Jel moze diskvalifikacija zbog strejt poljupca — Homo Navijac (@GejHuligan)

Intervju - Aleksandar Maaev

Redakcija sre 1. april 2015.
Chromapost je ongoing nano-blogging projekat Aleksandra Maaševa , dnevnika forma gde autor na kraju dana izabere boju koja bi po njemu najbolje sumirala taj dan. Prvobitna jednostavna veba se vrlo brzo razvila u ambiciozan projekat. Aleksandar je od fundusa skupljenih boja poeo da pravi najrazliitije umetnike derivate. Jedan od najambicioznijih zahvata je bila 100 met

Clear and present danger

Mikhail CHLENOV pon 19. januar 2015.
Mikhail CHLENOV, Secretary General of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress, about the terrorist attacks in Paris and the reaction of the world community. Why has the terrorist attack on the caricaturists of “Charlie Hebdo”, a French satirical magazine provoked such a strong reaction in the Western world? During the past few years several outrageous incidents took place including the barbaric murder of a military man in London, shootings in

Festival tolerancije u Beogradu

Redakcija sre 5. novembar 2014.
Festival tolerancije e se prvi put odrati u Beogradu od 13. do 15. novembra 2014. godine, a do sada je odran u Zagrebu, Rijeci, Sarajevu, Beu i na Cetinju. Program festivala se sastoji od tri celine, filmskog, izlobenog i obrazovnog programa, kao i nagradnog konkursa za najbolji tvit na temu tolerancije. U okviru filmskog programa bie prikazano 12 dugometranih, dokumentarnih i kratkih filmova na temu borbe protiv fašizma i diskriminacije. Sveano otvaranje festivala je

MAHAR 2014.

EAJC pet 31. oktobar 2014.
Jewish Forum in Montenegro The conference "Machar" ("Tomorrow"), organized by the Jewish community in Montenegro, member of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress (EAJC), took place in Budva on October 23-26. The event was held under the patronage of the EAJC. The conference brought together over three hundred participants representing Jewish communities of five countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro. The forum was attended by the EAJC

Edit-a-thon u Muzeju primenjene umetnosti

Redakcija sre 15. oktobar 2014.
Muzej primenjene umetnosti organizuje Modni urevaki maraton Edit-a-thon Belgrade, subota, 18. oktobar 2014, 11–18 sati, u Muzeju primenjene umetnosti Muzej primenjene umetnosti , Beograd je jedan od 22 partnera iz 12 evropskih zemalja koje zajedniki realizuju trogodišnji projekat finansiran od strane Evropske komisije pod nazivom Europeana Fashion . Ovaj projekat e do marta 2015. godine uiniti dostupnim na portalu

Opasnosti istorijskog revizionizma u medijskim i akademskim krugovima u Srbiji

Jelena urovi pet 10. oktobar 2014.
(Tekst sa naune konferencije "Reprezentacija Holokausta na Balkanu u umetnosti i medijima" , Dom Omladine - Beograd. Oktobar 2014) Najavljena sam kao predstavnica Jevrejske zajednice Crne Gore, što je tano, jedan sam od osnivaa ove najmlae Jevrejske zajednice na svetu. Kako vei deo ivota ivim u Beogradu, lanica sam i Jevrejske opštine Beograd. U Cr

Dangers of Historical Revisionism in Serbian Media and Academic Circles

Jelena urovi et 9. oktobar 2014.
(This speech was given at the conference "Representation of the Holocaust in the Balkans, in Arts and Media" , October 2014 - Belgrade, Serbia) I was announced here as a representative of the Jewish community of Montenegro, which is true, since I was one of the founders of this youngest Jewish community in the world. As I have lived in Belgrade most of my

Da proitate ovaj tekst poaljite sms na 1003

Agitpop sub 24. maj 2014.
Traak duhovitosti nije na odmet ni u najteim trenucima, što je pokazao je Oskarom nagraeni "La Vita e Bella" - film Roberta Benjinija o tome kako jedan otac pokušava da svom sinu uini ivot lepšim u nemakom koncentracionom logoru Bergen-Belsen. Poplave koje su zahvatile region su probudile oseaj solidarnosti, a mnogi nisu klonili duhom. Evo nekih tvitova koji su nam donekle olakšali ovih teških desetak dana:

This instrument can teach

Jelena urovi et 15. maj 2014.
U javnosti i na društvenim mreama se ovih dana vodi polemika koja skoro i da prevazilazi fascinaciju bradatom enom, brigu zbog potencijalnog smanjivanja penzija i strah od nabujalih reka. Ono što polarizuje Srbiju u prolee 2014. nisu ni etnici ni partizani, veiti derbi, Rusija ili Ukrajina – frikcija se pravi u vezi sa roendanom radio stanice B92, uz esto ponavljanje reenica “šta oni slave kad se tamo emituje Bulevar” ili “ma nije to više ta sta

Ostalo od Uskrsa

Agitpop pet 25. april 2014.
Tokom uskršnjih praznika, naši omiljeni tviteraši imali su pune ruke posla...Ubrzo potom, zatekla ih je informacija o grešnom zaeu para okovi-Risti, pa razvod Lima-Jari, i nova bulanjenja Dobrice osia i Vladimira Putina. Evo esencijalnih tvitova od prošle sedmice: Za koga pra

Najbolji prodavac koga sam srela

Jelena urovi pet 11. april 2014.
Sivo, teško nebo kroz koje se jedva nazire sunce i nema sjaja na morskom horizontu. Galebovi iz pesme Olivera Dragojevia kopaju po kontejnerima. Uglancan ali prljav hotelski kompleks i predominantno runi i otuni likovi. To je svet Srana Dragojevia u koji nas on, kao autor filma “Atomski zdesna” uvodi ve prvim kadrovima. Muzika sa hotelske terase, amelodina i falš meša se sa zvucima povlaenja vode u klozetu, estog umivanja, duboko simbolinog “pranja ruku” i mlohavih koitusa bez strasti

Sveti Nikola Tesla?

Agitpop sub 1. mart 2014.
"There is no conflict between the ideal of religion and the ideal of science, but science is opposed to theological dogmas because science is founded on fact. To me, the universe is simply a great machine which never came into being and never will end. The human being is no exception to the natural order. Man, like the universe, is a machine...In the course of ages, mechanisms of infinite complexity are developed, but what we call "soul" or "spirit," is nothing more than the sum of the functioning’s o

Antisemitizam u 21. veku

Jelena urovi pon 17. februar 2014.
(Transkript predavanja koje je odrano na konferenciji “Limmud Keshet ex-YU”, Budva, Crna Gora, novembar 2013) If the Jew did not exist, the anti-Semite would invent him. Jean-Paul Sartre, Reflections on the Jewish Question , 1945. Uvod Na poetku predavanja, ija je osnovna tema savremeni antisemitizam, htela bih da definišem tri pojma koja u ko


Agitpop pon 20. januar 2014.
Danas slavimo trei roendan... Ovako je bilo 15. januara 2011. kada smo, u društvu najbliih prijatelja, oiveli ideju o news agregatoru ali i mestu na kome e umetnici moi da se uju, vide i prepoznaju. Tri godine kasnije: Radio emisija AgitPop je na nacionalnoj frekvenciji radija B92 , objavili smo više desetina

Serija rekordne odvratnosti

Agitpop pet 3. januar 2014.
Predstavljamo vam najbolje tvitove o seriji "Ravna Gora", u narodu poznate i kao "Ravna Govna" i "Selo gori a Draa ga pali". Tvitovi su poreani hronološki, od 10. Novembra 2013, a na kraju su nabrojani i svi autori. Danas je petak, i takozvani #ff, “follow Friday” na tviteru, pa vam predlaemo da zapratite ovu vrcavu ekipu, ako ste korisnici pomenute društvene mree. Kad u "Ravnoj Gori" doe do

Agitpop Flatscreen Filmovi koji su obeleili 2013.

Agitpop pet 3. januar 2014.
Kud svi portali, tu i AP. Naša lista najboljih filmova u protekloj godini podeljena je po segmentima, uz kratka objašnjenja zašto su baš ova ostvarenja našla svoje mesto u AgitPop favoritima. Pojedina dela su prikazana krajem 2012, ali su u distribuciju ušla u godini za nama. Napomena: Filmovi u prve dve kategorije su poreani po nedefinisanom redosledu, dok smo za treu kategoriju bodovali, u cilju proglašenja omiljenog redakcijskog filma ove godine. Napomena dva:

Two years without Christopher Hitchens

Agitpop ned 15. decembar 2013.
Christopher Hitchens passed away on 15th of December 2011. Here are some of his best quotes. We miss you, Hitch. Some photographs (two, four and five) were taken by Jelena urovi, editor-in-chief of Agitpop.me, during summer of 2013. Wyoming Apartments is an historic apartment building, located at 2022 Columbia Road. George Stephanopoulos, Christopher Hitchens and Dwight D. Eisenhower lived there. Yes or No - Letter B Hitchens

Smrt u Memfisu

Jelena urovi sre 29. maj 2013.
POVODOM DESETOGODIŠNJICE SMRTI... (Tekst objavljen 2007. godine) I remember doing nothing on the night Sinatra died And the night Jeff Buckley died And the night Kurt Cobain died And the night John Lennon died I remember I stayed up to watch the news with everyone And that was a lot of nights And that was a lot of lives Who lost the tickets to what they need?...

Stefan Siegel: "Individualnost je sve!"

Jelena urovi sub 6. april 2013.
Intervju sa Stefanom Sigelom, urednikom i osnivaem www.njal.com Tekst objavljen u magazinu FAAR, prolee/leto 2013. Stefan Sigel, osniva portala “Not just a label” nije vaš tipini modni urednik. Obuen je relativno neupadljivo, ne govori preglasno i ponaša se diskretno a retko ko bi pomislio da je u pitanju bivši bankar a sadašnji “pigmalion”, koji otkriva nove talente u modnoj umetnosti.

Heroji sa posebnim potrebama

Jelena urovi pet 5. april 2013.
Tekst objavljen u magazinu FAAR, prolee/leto 2013. * “Everything great in the world comes from neurotics” – Marcel Proust Istorija stvaranja fikcije jeste istorija neuroza, narcisizma i mesijanskog kompleksa. Prometej je bio ludo hrabar kada je ljudima poklonio vatru, svestan da kazna nee biti samo deset po turu…Nastavak je poznat: ovaj Titan je visio na steni godinama, dok su se orlovi naslaivali njegovom digericom, koja se preko noi obnav

9 pitanja za etiri jahaa Tvitokalipse

AgitPop ned 24. februar 2013.
U bespoštednoj borbi za Prvi tvit Srbije , neki su se istakli a drugi poklekli. Kao što znate, pobednica je @lanabudimlic kojoj emo naredne nedelje uruiti diplomu da je lepo urami. Srebro i bronzu, kao i poasnu plakete osvojili su @vladimir_mateus, @PEDJAthesandman, @rd_plissken i @good_neighbor. U specijalnom intervjuu koji su dali za AgitPop, neki su otkrili svoja prava imena, dok je Plissken eleo da ostane anoniman. Mateus j

Dobar seks bez orgazma

Jelena urovi et 7. februar 2013.
Tekst objavljen 2006. godine, a povodom izlaska romana "Da Vinijev kod" Dena Brauna. Teorija zavere jedna je od omiljenih tema meu svim Srbima, od 7 – 97. Od toga ko je i zbog ega uiteljicino najdrae dete, da li je Skiperka Kenova ki ili ljubavnica, do “veitih” – ko radi za DeBe, ko je mason, ili rotarijanac (šta god da je to). Da se vidici na ovom polju šire a zanimanje produbljuje, dokazuje masa uzbuenih a samim tim i zajapurenih graana na pro&scaro

Autorska prava i agonija na amponjeri

Jelena urovi pet 25. januar 2013.
Ne kupujem novine. Laem, uzmem jednom meseno britanski Vogue i Vanity Fair. Kad sam u Engleskoj obavezno i The Sunday Times ali i bilo koji enski magazin, ako unutra ima dobar poklon. Nije da me ne zanima šta pišu ostali, nego danas sve postoji na internetu, a za resto se pobrinu tomovi “utila” koji lee po frizerskim salonima i kod manikira. Dakle na taj nain postajem omni-informisana: neu da se pravim vana i da na tretmane nosim knjige, u frizerajima navalim na tabloide i utu štampu i

"Slatki su"

Jelena urovi pet 18. januar 2013.
Tokom rata u Vijetnamu, manji broj amerikih graana svakodnevno se informisao o aktivnostima svoje vojske, rtvama i nepotrebnim razaranjima. Malo je bilo onih koje je ovaj oruani konflikt baš pogaao, onih koji su oseali moralnu i etiku odgovornost. Za vreme ratnih godina izlazili su na proteste i bunili se protiv umešanosti Amerike u vijetnamski sukob. Neki studenti su tako fiziki zlostavljani ( Kolumbija Univerzitet ), aktiv

Tviter zasedanje

Agitpop pet 27. juli 2012.
Za vreme “ekspozea mandatara” Ivice Daia, ali tokom rasprave koja je trajala dok zora nije ciknula, ekipa na Tviteru je bila prilino inspirisana… Izdvajamo najduhovitije, najpametnije i najbezobraznije tvitove, uz napomenu da zapratite sve one koji su se istakli, a pobrojani su na samom kraju. Naslovna fotografija: Frans Fracken II - "An Assembly of Witches", ulje na platnu, 1607. godina. “Ali kad je pomenuo "sumnjive privat

Kraj je poetak?

Agiipop pet 6. juli 2012.
Rešenje je, naješe, ono što vam prvo padne na pamet. Tako je bilo i u noi izmeu 20. i 21. maja tekue godine, kada je Boris Tadi, do tada neprikosnoveni predsednik Srbije, ostao sam ispred govornice u štabu Demokratske stranke. U šoku ili neverici, Tadi je zvuao kao neko kome je dosta svega i kao da jedva eka silazak sa politike scene. Postojala su samo dva objašnjenja koja su natprosenom birau te veeri mogla da prou kroz glavu – Boris Tadi je izgubio podršku

THE Comeback

Agitpop pon 2. juli 2012.
Ovogodišnji jubilarni, dvadeseti po redu, festival Sziget u Budimpešti, pored impresivnog izbora ostalih izvoaa, na svojoj listi ima i najvaniji "ponovo okupljeni" bend. U petak 10. avgusta, nastupaju The Stone Roses, koji su svoj prvi nastup posle više od dve decenije imali u Heaton Parku, u rodnom Manesteru. 220. 000 karata za tri koncerta, koje su puštene u prodaju krajem prošle godine, prodate su za samo 14 minuta, i zato je odlazak u Peštu jedi

Maskirani osvetnik - opravdano bezlian

Jelena urovi ned 3. juni 2012.
(Tekst na temu "Faceless", objavljen u jubilarnom, desetom broju magazina FAAR, maj 2012.) “You don't know anything about society, so you don't have the satisfaction of avoiding it.” The Game – David Fincher Facebook – lairanje ivotnih rezultata. Twitter – izmišljanje nove osobe, one koja si oduvek eleo da budeš. Mejlovi – mogunost da kroz “spell check” prikriješ s

Prva godinjica Jevrejske zajednice u Crnoj Gori: Antifaizam, ojstvo i otvoren svijet

Agiipop sub 2. juni 2012.
U Crnogorskom narodnom pozorištu u Podgorici, uz gostovanje hora “Braa Baruh”, 29. maja je obeleena prva godišnjica Jevrejske zajednice Crne Gore. Dogaaju su prisustvovali znaajni gosti, predstavnici Jevrejskih opština Hrvatske, Srbije, Makedonije, Bosne i Hercegovine, kao i predstavnici evropskog rabinskog centra iz Brisela. Na poetku sveanosti, predsednik Jevrejske zajednice u Crnoj Gori Jaša Alfandari, uruio je plakete za izuzetan doprinos afirmacije Jevrejske z

Eurosong 2012 - Pregled Tviter lige

Agiipop ned 27. maj 2012.
Twitter je bio urnebesno mesto tokom oba polufinala i velikog finala Pesme Evrovizije 2012, a kako neko ree, “ imali smo veliku izlaznost”. Evo najboljih, a autore prezentujemo na kraju, uture, uz preporuku da ih pratite. PS: Komentari su poreani po zemljama i temama, a redakcija AP nije ureivala gramatiku niti ubacivala .. i š. Crna Gora: Ako su Lordi pobedili, moe i Rambo Rambo amadeus iznad sebastiana telliera po borat s

Autor Tvita godine, @NeverovatniMiki: Ljubitelj Slobodana Miloevia i Demokratske stranke

Agitpop pon 13. februar 2012.
Ko si ti? Reci nam nešto o sebi. Imaš pravo na više od 140 karaktera. Roen sam na planeti Melmak, negde u okolini sazvea Maje Dlake. Meutim moja planeta je eksplodirala kada su svi njeni stanovnici istovremeno ukljuili fenove za kosu. Ja sam preiveo zahvaljujui tome što sam tada bio u orbiti Melmaka jer sam obavljao svoju dunost lana orbitalne strae. Lutao sam kosmosom u svom brodu, sve dokmoji brodski ureaji nisu locirali ovu planetu kao jedno od onih na kojim

Odbrana Beograda

Jelena urovi sre 25. januar 2012.
Nekad se govorilo: "Sve se sliva u Beograd." U vreme bivše Jugoslavije najvei broj ljudi je, zbog obrazovanja ili posla, dolazio upravo u prestonicu; ovde su opstajali i ostajali, idui Kamenikom ulicom do tada velianstvenih Terazija i savezne Skupštine. Drava se smanjivala - i dalje joj ne znamo granice - a kljuna pitanja glavnog grada, njegovog ekonomskog, kulturnog i urbanistikog razvoja ostaju nerešena. Popunjavanje rupa i montiranje kontejnera danas se plasira kao poseban podvig, a sve

Pismo Andreju

Jelena urovi sub 21. januar 2012.
Andrej, stvarno ne voliš Srbiju! Nema razloga ni da je voliš, ona je za tebe samo susedna zemlja, kao za mene na primer Rumunija, i nemam neki poseban afinitet prema Rumuniji, ali Andrej… nedobog da je Bole opalio u Boriku. Razmisli, zemljae (oslovljavau te tako, poreklom sam iz Titograda), Bole opali u Boriku - ode Boris, Mile, Irinej... I na vlast doe ko, Andreje Nikolaidisu? Ko onda menja ove koji sede danas na vodeim pozicijama u zemljama koje se “srpske” zovu? emu nas ui smrt Zorana


Jelena urovi sre 14. decembar 2011.
Disclaimer: ovaj tekst je line prirode, napisan je u lino ime, na linu temu i iza njega ne postoji nikakva univerzalna pouka ili naravouenije, što je inae preporuka za svako novinarsko obraanje. Moete ga tretirati kao ispovest, svedoenje, testament ili basnu. Zovem se Jelena urovi i lina imovina mi se sastoji od stana od 34m2, u kojem ivi moja majka. Imam veliku porodicu u Podgorici i tamo nekakvu kuu. Sticajem udnih okolnosti, koje su suviše komplikovane, m

Ostaje da ostanemo gde smo sad

Jelena urovi ned 11. decembar 2011.
Uz rizik da podsetimo na Alana umaka (za uplate i broj iro – rauna, obratite se na adresu redakcije), ali ovih dana nas mui jedna misao: kako je taj zbrkani tekst, koji su pevali današnji savetnici predsednika Srbije, a napisao Vlada Divljan, u stvari vrlo proroki. Vladajue strukture se naješe bude rano, zbog obaveza, moda baš u 05.30h. Ipak, to je uzalud. Da nema nigde nikog, da nemamo kud – to je od petka jasno. Kenozoik, ili “novi ivot” nije cilj kome se tei,


Jelena urovi sre 7. decembar 2011.
Razoaranje koje je delu moje generacije priredio reditelj Sran Dragojevi moe se porediti samo sa stihom iz turbo-folk pesme “Ni takve ljubavi, ni takve izdaje”. Imala sam 17 godina kada sam pogledala film “Mi nismo aneli”. Mnoge su se devojice zaljubile u iku, mnoge u Koju, poneke, ekscentrine, u Uroša uria a ja sam neprekidno gledala TV ekajui da se pojavi On. Reditelj. On koji je u studiju blamirao tada neprikosnovenu Ivanu Boji, koji je bio poznat panker, završio

Prolost traje zauvek

Jelena urovi sre 7. decembar 2011.
Napisano u Beogradu 5. oktobra 2006. - Ponovo objavljeno u Beogradu 7. decembra 2011, povodom godišnjice "Warschauer Kniefall" Vili Brant je moda bio suviše emotivan politiar, preveliki ovek i simbol kakvi se retko nalaze u malim sredinama. Zato i ne treba da kukamo i da njemu slinog ganjamo meu našima. Pored toga što je bio prvi nemaki kancelar levo od centra posle 40 godina vladavine desnice, uven je po tome što je pao na kolena pred spomenikom zrt

Danak u krvi

Jelena urovi ned 23. oktobar 2011.
“The privilege of opening the first trial in history for crimes against the peace of the world imposes a grave responsibility. The wrongs which we seek to condemn and punish have been so calculated, so malignant, and so devastating, that civilization cannot tolerate their being ignored, because it cannot survive their being repeated. That four great nations, flushed with victory and stung with injury stay the hand of vengeance and voluntarily submit their captive enemies to the judgment of the law is one of the most significant trib

O Tridesetom februaru i drugim laima

Redakcija uto 18. oktobar 2011.
U svom najotvorenijem intervjuu do sada Jelena urovi odgovara na sve optube i objašnjava tajne datuma koji ne postoji... Jelena urovi je spisateljica kojoj je, kako sama priznaje, proza zapravo hobi. Aktivno se bavi novinarstvom a piše “ono što bi sama volela da ita” bez ambicije o velikim tiraima ili mogunosti da osvoji nekakve nagrade. Zašto je onda ova polu-amaterka predmet našeg intervjua? Jednostavno, ona je urednica portal “Agitpop.me”

Devet pitanja za deveti krug

Jelena urovi ned 2. oktobar 2011.
Od etvrtka se, "u krugovima bliskim", prialo kako su u pripravnosti i stare Kobre, i stare Beretke i svi "old boys" u kooperaciji sa novozadojenima. Moda su i Staniši i Simatovi konsultovani, a neko je, sasvim sigurno, otišao i do Ulemeka u keliju, da Cema idejno pomogne u organizaciji, izmeu dva apliciranja hidrogena. Za sve to vreme, naravno, naš DB ne postoji, policija ne postoji, vojska ne postoji a Ministarstvo pravde iskopava iu. Spremte se spremte za rehabilitaciju etnici

Such a shame, to believe in escape (Number me with rage...)

Jelena urovi et 22. septembar 2011.
U godinama koje su usledile, a posle napada na Sjedinjenje Amerike Drave 2001, predsednik Dord Buš je izrekao nekoliko upeatljivih PR reenica kojima su se potom ameriki liberali izrugivali do besvesti: “Nema pregovora sa teroristima”, “Ko nije sa nama, taj je protiv nas”, “Our war on terror begins…” Kako vreme odmie, a pribliavaju se izbori u Srbiji, Bušove rei više ne zvue ni glupo ni besmisleno. Rat protiv terora treba da pone.

Junjaka uteha

Jelena urovi sre 21. septembar 2011.
Povodom tune vesti o razlazu benda R.E.M. - tekst iz magazina CAMP, objavljen u januaru 2005. "I'm going to make whatever it takes, ring you up, call you down, sign your name, secret love, make it rhyme, take you in, and make you mine." REM – Strange currencies – Monster 1994. Legenda kae da kada je Majkl Stajp (Michael Stipe), krajem sedamdesetih, prvi put ušao u Vu

Graani budue Jugoslavije

Jelena urovi et 4. avgust 2011.
Zove me Ronen danas. To je moj drug, jedan od najpoznatijih izraelskih sportskih novinara, baziran je u Budimpešti. Pita me kolika je razlika izmeu srpskog, hrvatskog i bošnjakog jezika? Da li je to kao ameriki engleski i engleski engleski? Pitam mua, on je i Englez i Hrvat, on kae: “Da”. Odgovaram Ronenu da da. Promašili smo se Ronen i ja za dlaku na Sarajevskom filmskom festivalu, a njegov jatak Ari Folman, bio je predsednik irija. (Intervju za Agitpop sledi, bez ne

"If there is any town this world would be better without, this is it."

Jelena urovi ned 29. maj 2011.
“Apparently proud of their endeavors, the Scorpios recorded their war adventures, and made it possible to rent the tape from a video store in the Serbian town of Sid, from which most of them came. Needless to say, it is a ghastly document: the Scorpios unload the men from a truck; they beat them and curse their Muslim mothers; the men are terrified, their faces bloody; they lead them up into the woods. Then it all goes fast. The men put up no resistance, for they are exhausted and hopeless. The Scorpios shoot them in the back, o

Life during wartime

Jelena urovi ned 29. maj 2011.
"U svakoj od zemalja bivše Jugoslavije – evo to je istina ova naša – postoje huligani, smee, ljudi nezadovoljni ivotom, nezadovoljni svojim kurcem koliki im je... To su oni koji urlaju na stadionima, prave gluposti po gradovima i to ne samo ovdje nego i u Londonu, svugdje... I postoji normalan mlad svijet koji je zadovoljan sa sobom i sa ivotom i oni e pobjediti

I ja sam nacista (Istorija jednog apsurda u tri i po ina)

Jelena urovi ned 22. maj 2011.
Vremeplov U maju, 1995.godine, iri Kanskog filmskog festivala dodelio je Zlatnu palmu Emiru Kusturici za film “Underground”. Na slavljenikoj urci, uz trubae i podvrsikivanje, tompus je pušio jedan od najzaslunijih za ovaj uspeh, Milorad Vueli. Party se nastavio do duboko u no, Kusturica je otišao u Pariz, Vuela u Beograd, na svoje radno mesto, podsetiemo, on je bio lini Gebels balkanskom kasapinu, Slobodanu Miloševiu. O emu je govorio nagraeni


Agitpop sub 21. maj 2011.
Pre pet godina, Crna Gora je postala nezavisna drava. Ovaj jubilej bio je povod za tekstove u kojima se uporedno analizira društveno i ekonomsko stanje u Srbiji i Crnoj Gori, ali i za tradicionalnu majsku anticrnogorsku forumašku histeriju. Kako je gnev nad "braom koja su nas izdala" omiljeni okida po forumima, diskusije su se rasplamsavale. Umesto zakljuaka, prenosimo dva zanimiljiva odgovora - iako je tuilaca je bilo i previše, malobrojna "odbrana" kompetentna:

Drugi obraz ili oko za oko?

Agitpop pet 6. maj 2011.
Povodom ubistva Osame bin Ladena, na Facebooku se vodi prava "bitka" u vezi sa ispravnošu odluke i postupaka SAD. Evo nekih reakcija na naš post o izjavama reditelja Michaela Moore-a. Mateja Rackov draga cako, šta nije jasno u majinim reima? slaem se dotinim u najveem delu teksta, ali poenta je da ako je pravedno i demokratski roknuti nekog u vugla bez suenja i rešiti problem, pa bio i on opštemrski bin laden, onda ja ne bih bio deo tekvog si

Zato volim Tita? (Pa to se ne pita...)

Jelena urovi sre 4. maj 2011.
«Ne interesuje mene da li su oni zapisani. Ja elim da oni budu otpisani, razumete li? Otpisani». Kriger, šef beogradskog Gestapoa, serija «Otpisani» 1974. Besprekorno doterana, još uvek mlada, svee izabrana premijerka Velike Britanije Margaret Taer, tuno spušta pogled. Margaret, kasnije «elina», vidno potresena, nosi crninu, na glavi tokicu, ne skida rukavice, iako joj je toplo. Trpi vruinu i tako pokazuje poštovanje. Iza gospoe Taer

HRONIKE BEBE NOVAK: Beba u raljama Avala filma

Dimitrije Vojnov uto 12. april 2011.
U ekskluzivnoj storiji, koja je objavljena kao bonus na sajtu romana "Ostrvo prokletih" ora Bajia , Dimitrije Vojnov nam otkriva ko je Budo urovi, ovek o kome e se tek uti... Beba je bila potpuno potinjena na astalu direktora Avala filma Ratka Draevia. Svojim snanim šakama pritiskao je njene, suknja joj je bila podignuta i gledala je prema vratima stojei gotovo uspravno dok j

No God up here...

Agitpop et 7. april 2011.
Iz arhive Agitpop, a u sklopu proslave pedesetogodišnjice Gagarinovog leta u svemir, objavljujemo tekst od 12. aprila 2007. godine Na današnji dan (12. april), pre etrdeset i šest godina, Jurij Gagarin je postao prvi ovek koji je odleteo u kosmos i prvi ovek koji je, u svemiru, okrenuo krug oko zemljine orbite. Omaleni Rus (Juri je bio visok samo 157cm.) u kosmosu je proveo sat i 48 minuta, a za to vreme je zvidao melodiju "Родина с&#

Lice Svetog Saturna

Jelena urovi sre 2. mart 2011.
Tekst objavljen u magazinu FAAR broj 008, Februar/Jun 2011, urednik: Bogomir Doringer, tema: Faceless “This city is afraid of me. I have seen its true face. The streets are extended gutters and the gutters are full of blood and when the drains finally scab over, all the vermin will drown. The accumulated filth of all their sex and murder will foam up about their waists and all the whores and politicians will look up and shout "Save us!"... and I'll look down and whisper "

STANDARDI PRE STATUSA ili Vojnov, Skrobonja, Kon i urovi o Pesmi Evrovizije

Agitpop ned 27. februar 2011.
Ponekad, Facebook status moe da izazove interesantnu online konverzaciju, koja je samo na korak od komedije apsurda ili politiko-umetnikog igrokaza. Prenosimo vam jutrošnju debatu, iji su akteri scenarista Dimitrije Vojnov, muziar i producent Marko Kon, pisac i izdava Goran Skrobonja i urednica portala AGITPOP Jelena urovi. FB STATUS: Dimitrije Vojnov misli da smo prebrinuli ovogodišnji Eurosong još u Beogradu. U Dizeldorfu neemo moi da se naddervišujemo sa Dinom koji je tamo

Javna nabavka

Agitpop sub 26. februar 2011.
Poštovana publiko, dragi itaoci Druimo se više od mesec dana, i jako nam je lepo. Vidimo, i vama je lepo jer poseta stalno raste, rubrike se pune, pitanja i predloga je sve više. Kao što znate, portal AGITPOP je nekomercijalni medij, i nee se dogoditi da vam, u skorijoj budunosti, preko omiljenih fotki igraju omraeni flash baneri. Teoretiar medija Maršal Makluan bio je prva osoba koja se pojavila na naslovnoj strani našeg portala, a onda su uletele sve te Gag

COM.INTERNA i NVO 'TRUST' predstavljaju agitpop.me

Agitpop sub 15. januar 2011.
"Dragi profesore Ajnštajn, no ipak moemo da kaemo jedno: sve što podstie razvoj kulture istovremeno deluje protiv rata." Iskreno Vaš, SIGMUND FROJD - Be, Septembra 1932." Lansiran 15. januara 2011., portal AGITPOP.ME rezultat je rada novinara, dizajnera i veb-developera koji su se okupili pod zajednikim politikim i umetnikim idejama. Naši su ciljevi jasni i glase: SRBIJA U EU! SRBIJA U NATO! STOP KULTURNOM GENOCIDU DRAVNIH MEDIJA!

Jevanelje o Marku

Agitpop pon 18. oktobar 2010.
Scenarista Aron Sorkin, autor jednog od uvenijih one-linera u novijoj istoriji filma ( You cant handle the truth! iz A Few Good Men ), dobitnik nekoliko Emija kao autor serije West Wing , pisac nedovoljno cenjenog Charlie Wilsons War, ne podnosi internet i nema Facebook profil. Ipak, Sorkin svakako voli Velsovog Graanina Kejna, itao je Bibliju, analizirao psiholoke teze o tome da su seks i mo gorivo za motivaciju, kao i crvenu sentencu o radu koji je stvorio oveka ...to je sve bilo sasvim dovoljno da napi

Victim of the crime - Phoenix

Agitpop sre 1. septembar 2010.
Dvehiljadita i nije bila neka godina. U mraku, pod Miloševiem, doekali smo lani milenijum, poenta je bila da nas ne uhapse, a ne da li emo uti šta ima novo u svetu pop-muzike. I zato, iako su Phoenix izdali album United baš 2000, nisam uspela da ih ujem dok se prašina nije slegla, a to je bilo prolee pobedonosne 2001. "Too young" i "If I ever feel better" bili su idealna muzika za post-revolucionarno oseanje koje nas je preplavilo te prve godine nove ere. Tekstovi na ivici

"Srpski film" - Put u sredite zemlje

Agitpop uto 3. avgust 2010.
Veliki zloin zahteva veliku umetnost. O Drugom svetskom ratu u Evropi najsnanije su progovorili Pazolini u "120 dana Sodome", Kavani u filmu "Noni portir", Bertolui kroz "XX vek", pa i Trir u "Elementu zloina". Stravu ustaškog pokreta opisali su Zafranovi i Slobodan Šnajder na ijeg u se "Hrvatskog Fausta" vratiti nešto kasnije. Vijetnam je, sasvim neušeereno i krajnje brutalno odjeknuo kroz krike silovane rtve u "Casualties of War" Brajana De

Zato volim Tita? (Pa to se ne pita...)

Agitpop et 1. juli 2010.
«Ne interesuje mene da li su oni zapisani. Ja elim da oni budu otpisani, razumete li? Otpisani». Kriger, šef beogradskog Gestapoa, serija «Otpisani» 1974. Besprekorno doterana, još uvek mlada, svee izabrana premijerka Velike Britanije Margaret Taer, tuno spušta pogled. Margaret, kasnije «elina», vidno potresena, nosi crninu, na glavi tokicu, ne skida rukavice, iako joj je toplo. Trpi vruinu i tako pokazuje poštovanje. Iza gospoe Taer, o

All I need is everything - Aztec Camera

Agitpop pet 25. juni 2010.
"To su ti tvoji za koje niko nije uo", replika je koju esto ujem, kada se govori o omiljenoj muzici. I tako je od 1985. Tog leta je, zbog selidbe, moj brat od ujaka iveo u susednoj sobi . Svako je imao svoje kasete, ploe i mini liniju, tzv. stub. Ja sam slušala Technics a brat Sony (mislim da ga on ima i

Usklaivanje pogleda na istorijske dogaaje kao preduslov pribliavanja zemalja bive SFRJ

Agitpop uto 23. mart 2010.
Meunarodna konferencija "SRBIJA I REGIONALNE INTEGRACIJE", Institut za meunarodnu politiku i privredu „Pitajte prosenog oveka ko je napisao drame Hamlet, Romeo i Julija, Kralj Lir i Otelo, i u najveem broju sluajeva samouvereno e vam, kao iz topa, odgovoriti: Besmrtni bard iz Stratforda na Avonu. Priupitajte ga ko je autor Šekspirovih soneta i videete da ete dobiti isti ovaj nelogian odgovor. Potom ista pitanja postavite stanovitijim knjievnim detektivima koji ve godinama tu i tamo is

Al Bano & Romina Power - Felicita

Agitpop pet 1. januar 2010.
Ništa ne moe tako brzo da vrati u prošlost, kao što to èini muzika. Moda zbog toga i postoji ova rubrika: svakoga dana saznam ponešto novo o svojim kolegama, što je moda i zanimljivije od anegdota o muzièarima èije se pesme preporuèuju. Današnja prièa ide ovako: kad smo deca, letujemo sa roditeljima. I to mrzimo. Hoæemo da porastemo što pre, da moemo da jedemo pizze, pomfrit i pijemo koka-kolu kad god nam se æefne. Hoæemo d

Sutra nije nikada

Agitpop sre 9. decembar 2009.
Pisati poeziju posle Aušvica je varvarizam, rekao je, 1949. godine, Teodor Adorno. Pisati blogove posle ubistva Brisa Tatona, otkazivanja Gej Prajda i besmislenog prolaska još jednog 6. oktobra za mene je bilo i teško i muno, i gotovo nemogue. Mesec dana sam spontano štrajkovala, htela sam da se smirim, jer sve što bih u meuvremenu sroila zvualo bi kao psovka, uvreda, oaj, bedaenje. Onda je došla godišnjica osloboenja Beograda, a sa njom i gostovanje

Kolektivno ludilo

Agitpop uto 24. novembar 2009.
Bertran Rasel, filozof i dobitnik Nobelove nagrade za knjievnost, smatrao je kako je najvei problem današnjeg sveta u tome što su glupaci strašno samouvereni, dok su inteligentni puni sumnje.Njemu posveujem ovaj tekst. Sumrak svesti, koja je jedna od kljunih tekovina razvoja na liniji homo sapiens-moderni ovek, kulminirao je u “Blicu”. Ove novine prenose priu kako su “više sile” pomogle unuku pokojnog patrijarha da tokom sprovoda nae snage za tegljenje povelikog krsta.


Agitpop uto 10. novembar 2009.
U poslednjoj sceni filma «Apt pupil», Brajana Singera, lik kojeg tumai glumac Bred Renfro stoji ispred svoje (bele) kue u predgrau Njujorka, sa ijeg krova se vijori amerika zastava. Na poetku, saznali smo da se radnja dogadja 1984. godine - u meuvremenu je naš glavni junak, srednjoškolac, otkrio kako je njegov prvi komšija, simpatini deka koga igra Ian MekKelen, u stvari ozloglašeni naci kolja i fanatini ubica. I taman kada oekujemo da mladi, svei Amer prijavi osta

The Room

Agitpop et 1. oktobar 2009.
Nisu samo Srbi ljubitelji loše kinematografije i okolnog treša. Dok ovo itate, mnogi stanovnici LA sufruju netom traei termin naredne projekcije „najgoreg filma ikad“ a koji se zove „The Room“. I zato, neka vas ne plaši ova vest.... http://www.blic.rs/zabava.php?id=107699 Kako i dolikuje statusu „kultnog“, u pitanju je misterija. Producent, scenarista, reditelj i glavni glumac je

Mi smo pederi, najjai smo najjai

Agitpop pet 18. septembar 2009.
The world only spins forward. We will be citizens. The time has come. Tony Kushner, Angels in America. 1991. Danas sam na ulici nala flajer na kome pie: LBGT HATE CRIME: DON'T TOLERATE IT. REPORT IT. STOP IT. U potpisu, METROPOLITAN POLICE, FOR SAFER LONDON. ivot koji ivim lii na svakodnevnu posetu vremeplovu sa jedne strane, fiziki se nalazim u zemlji u kojoj, ako neko vrea homoseksuace moe da ide u zatvor, dok se profesionalno bavim dravom u kojoj je Parada ponosa skup

Screen kiss - Thomas Dolby

Agitpop sre 5. avgust 2009.
Holivud osamdesetih. ENT. Zabava u velelepnoj kui na Beverli Hilsu. Poznate i manje poznte linosti piju šampanjac. Niski, plavi momak, trapavo prilazi lepotici: On: ao, ja sam Tom. Ona: ao, ja sam Ketlin. On: ime se baviš? Ona: Ja sam glumica? A ti?

Dobrodoli u moj komar

Agitpop sub 1. avgust 2009.
Postojala je, ovde na NRBG, neka ideja da pišem blog koji bi bio nešto kao «Pisma iz Londona» ili slino. Ovakav koncept mi je muan iz dva razloga – pod jedan, najvei broj graana Srbije koje su svoje utoište našli u Britaniji, bili su etnici ili desniari, nezadovoljni Titom, NOB-om i socijalizmom. Na pamet mi padaju Crnjanski i Peki, ali i hotel "Ravna gora", ovde u komšiluku, i pesmica "Kralju Pero piši iz Londona, koliko ti treba bataljona".

Tim Buckley - Make it right

Agitpop sub 1. avgust 2009.
Seks je zabava za sirotinju, glasi neka poslovica. A u vreme sankcija, ratovanja i gladovanja sve pošteno u Srbiji bilo je sirotinja. Povremene izlete u kvalitetne obroke pruale su szegedinske gozbe (to je ono kad majke donesu dimljeni sir, vaj krem i Herc salamicu). I tako se ivelo - smrzavanje na ulici, na demonstracijama, filmovi na piratskim VHSovima, vesti sa slobodnih radija, i maarske zalihe. U grad, naješe peške,u neke opskurne dez klubove i mesta koja su radila mesec-dva pa su se zat

Dek Palans, ika Enriko i Debeli Kip

Agitpop sub 1. avgust 2009.
Svaki bogovetni dan (a bogovetni je tu kao re koja iskazuje nervoznu nameru kolumniste), u novinama itamo o revidiranju perioda posle Drugog svetskog rata: iskopavaju se Draa i masovne grobnice antikomunista koji su, kako se stie utisak, godinama streljani diljem Srbije, restitucija je na vratima, te e predratna buroazija, konano moi da uiva u blagodetima svojih osam, devet ili deset stanova, pa i celim zgradama koje su im ostavile dede. I mojima je oduzimano. Doduše, dogodilo se to malo manje navaletno (moj pra

Drugi ovek na Mesecu i Prvi reditelj na Zemlji

Agitpop sub 1. avgust 2009.
"Roger. Understand. We’re number one on the runway." Buzz Aldrin to Mission control Tri teme ovih dana zaokupljaju evropske ljubitelje umetnosti, naune-fantastike i sadizma: na godišnjicu sletanja na Mesec (if you believe they put a man on the moon?), memoare je objavio Baz Oldrin, drugi ovek koji je, pre tano etrdeset godina, zakoraio po "moru tišine". Manje dobra karma, moe se rei, jer Oldrin nije otišao gore sa kljunom frazom, niti je uspeo da zadri

Grad Ideje

Agitpop pon 13. juli 2009.
Na zidu 14. Beogradske gimnazije, koja se nalazi u centru opštine Vračar, neko je napisao grafit, revolucionarno-motivacioni poziv: “Idemo Vračarci!”. Ispod ovoga, drugačijim auto-lakom, par nedelja kasnije, osvanula je graffiti-antiteza: “A gde ćemo?”. Ako vam nije jasno, ovo je bio kreš kurs iz beogradske kreativnosti. Demotivacija protiv motivacije, spuštanje protiv dizanja, smaranje protiv dobre zabave, blejanje naspram smislenog razgovora u kafiću. I to

Bolje biti u Koutnjaku nego u Hagu

Agitpop et 11. juni 2009.
Axa. Sad imamo i soundtrack njegove svakodnevice: Dotako sam dno ivota, gusle, Vidovdan, jer nijednom srcu nee lako biti, Bolje biti pijan nego star (crni Loša)... Rat.co vrti belu maramicu, vodi kolo, upoznaje porodicu, jede, pije, pogled mu luta u daljinu (to je krupnjak), uspavljuje "dedino unue". Ono što je odvratno, a vidno na snimcima, je potpuno odsustvo grie savesti, koje bi moralo da postoji kad se malo opusti, a destilati krenu njegovim nervnim sistemom. I ovo društvo oko njega, svi

Ima jedna Kula u planini

Agitpop pet 1. maj 2009.
Kukumavenje nad javnim radovima Emira Kusturice, ukazivanje na njegove privatne i poslovne odnose, zgraavanje nad poetskom nepravdom koja nagrauje kolaboracioniste – sve ovo su ve godinama teme graanske Srbije. Kusturiino mesto na lestvici mentalnog nasilja je, ipak, sasvim specifino. Oni koji ga vole, ukljuujui najviše njega samog, pozivaju se na slavu koju je «za Srbiju» pronosio svetom. Dve Zlatne palme! Dobro. Dve zlatne Palme su dobili i reditelji Bile August, Šošei Imamura,


Agitpop et 30. april 2009.
Pribliava se veliki dan. Premijera najnovijeg filma Larsa Von Trira, "Antihrist". Help yourself http://www.antichristthemovie.com/?page_id=3&language=en

Farma dinosaurusa

Agitpop et 30. april 2009.
Ako ste bili emotivno oduvani nastupom Dinosaur Jr. na Tašmajdanu, evo još razloga za radost - novi singl "I want you to know" i album FARM koji izlazi krajem juna... http://pitchfork.com/news/35207-premiere-dinosaur-jr-i-want-you-to-know-stream/

Vue, ovako se vodi mudra spoljna politika

Agitpop uto 28. april 2009.
Gordon Braun u Aušvicu: The Prime Minister has said that his visit to Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp was a reminder that everyone has a duty "to stand up against discrimination and prejudice". Gordon Brown toured the site of the former camp during a visit to Poland and signed the visitors’ book. He also wrote a message in the book. "What I have seen this afternoon is a harrowing testament to the murder of so many who suffered here the extremes of

Publicista za sumrak civilizacije

Agitpop ned 22. mart 2009.
Maks Kliford je jedan od onih tipova zbog kojih neki opravdano preziru ono što se definiše kao "Zapad". On je najpoznatiji i ozloglašeni britanski PR, iji je profesionalni specijalitet prodavanje prljavih i munih detalja iz ivota poznatih linosti. Njegovo poslednje "delo" je direktan prenos sporog umiranja Dejd Gudi (Jade Goody) nekadašnje zvezde engleskog "Velikog brata", koja u ovom trenutku odbrojava poslednje sate svog, rakom izjedenog ivota. I dok moje kolege

Ui slobodno

Agitpop pet 13. februar 2009.
...ili kako je Skandinavija ponovo odbranila ast evropskog filma. "Blic" piše da troglava ala Bradi/Kusta/Tadi sprema kinematografsko iznenaenje : operu inspirisanu romanom "Na Drini uprija" koju bi, zajednikim naporima trebalo da iznesu Nebojša i Nemanja, a Borisesa e sve to da podri, valjda moralno i finansijski. Intimno me plaši ovakva kombinacija, s obzirom na to da mi je Lotika Apfelmajer, vlasnica hotela "Zur Brucke" roena ukunbaba, pa stoga i angst u

Adam vs Slavoj

Agitpop et 29. januar 2009.
Ako volite ieka, i ako ne volite ieka, sugerišemo debatu koja se vodi na sajtu magazina "The New Republic" izmeu ovog slovenakog pop-filozofa i Adama Kirša. Kirš je mlada zvezda knjievne kritike, a piše i za New York Times, The Nation i Hardvard Magazine. http://www.tnr.com/booksarts/story.html?id=097a31f3-c440-4b10-8894-14197d7a6eef

I bogati plaču

Agitpop et 25. decembar 2008.
Elizabeth: What do you do? John: I buy and I sell money. 9 1/2 weeks, 1986. Uspaničeni britanski mediji objavljuju kako će u narednih par meseci još milion ljudi ostati bez posla. Očekuje se oduzimanje na desetine hiljada stanova onima koji neće moći da plate kredite. Banke će imati previše nekretnika, a mnogi će se naći pred vratima ustanova za socijalnu pomoć. Na groblju Hajgejt, gde se nalazi grob Karla Marksa puno crvenih


Agitpop sub 15. novembar 2008.
...na blog City Magazine-a, i saznajte paralelnu istoriju jugoslovenskog popa (muzičkog pravca, naravno...) http://www.citymagazine.rs/blog/?p=132

Kraj generacijske apatije

Agitpop sre 5. novembar 2008.
Zbog dugotrajne podrške koju je ovaj blog pruao Baraku Obami , naš kandidat je uspeo da postane 44. predsednik SAD. U izbornoj noći, uzbudljivoj skoro kao onoj u Srbiji, septembra 2000., Obama je oduvao "krkobabu" i "ludu aljaskanku" i u Čikagu (gde ivi velika serbska diyaspora, pa nije slučajno izabrao :) odrao istorijski govor, koji treba čitati svaki dan, nekoliko puta dnevno, pogotovo ako ste politički amater sa pretenzijama.

Kontrolisana anarhija

Agitpop sre 15. oktobar 2008.
Pre par meseci, a kada smo ve svi bili više/manje zavisni od nove socijalne igrake Facebook, moj drug Mateja predloio je pokretanje sajta Hatebook, koji bi bio mesto na kome bi svako mogao da plasira svoje neprijatelje i one koji ga nerviraju. Ovakav anti/Facebook pogodovao bi ne samo politiarima nego i velikom broju srpskih estradnih umetnica ali i srednjoškolcima-hejterima, koji bi se odreivali ne samo time sa kim hoe da se drue nego i sa kim nee. To je inae dobar princip za ivot: najvanije j

U tunelu, u sred' mraka

Agitpop sub 4. oktobar 2008.
Dobra deca poslušaju policajce i ostave auto na parkingu u Budvi (1 euro na sat). Kiša rominja. Dobra deca kupe kartu za autobus da se "organizovano prevezu na Jaz" gde za sat vremena počinje koncert pop veteranke Madone. Ulaz u autobuse podseća na kadrove filmova "Pijanista" ili pak "Šindlerove liste". Nagurani, malo pokisli, Rusi, Italijani i bivši jugosloveni, uklještenih kičmi i ruku, sat vremena u kolonama putuju do plae. Malo promoćurnij

Zločin, a kazna?

Agitpop ned 21. septembar 2008.
Htela sam da pišem o lepim stvarima ali... ponovni napad na gej populaciju, u samom centru Beograda, toliko je odvratan i sramotan da sam sada još više sigurna da odbrana liberalnih i evropskih principa mora da se odvija beskompromisno, bez zastajanja i bez dvoumljenja. Pretnje, zastrašivanja i prebijanje neće zaplašiti nikoga od nas, jer kako je rekao Marks, "borbu moda ne moemo da dobijemo, ali je moramo voditi". Ono što je pozitivno, a desilo se protekle n

Pokojnici na crvenom tepihu...

Agitpop ned 14. septembar 2008.
…ovako je Gardijan naslovio svoj tekst povodom objavljivanja programa Londonskog Filmskog Festivala, koji će biti odran od 15. do 30.oktobra. Naime, ovogodišnji LFF nudi čak pet biopica (filmovi o istinim ličnostima) i to o: Čeu Gevari, Hanteru Tompsonu, Ričardu Niksonu, Bobiju Sendsu i Dordu Bušu. Cinično, kako to samo Englezi znaju, ekipa Gardijana je i Buša stavila međ pokojnike, iako se njegov partijski naslednik za sada veoma dobro dri (46 prema 45, za Meke


Jelena urovi pon 25. juni 2007.
Aleksandar Stankovi je roen 8. aprila 1970. u Subotici. Od 1977. ivi u Karlovcu a od 1985. u Zagrebu, gde završava Pravni fakultet. Trenira boks, objavio je knjigu poezije, a hrvatski gej muškarci smatraju ga za najzgodniju javnu linost. ene ne zaostaju u pohvalama. "Het" tipovi ga poštuju, i dive se njegovoj beskompromisnosti. Ve sedam godina na HRT 1, A. Stankovi vodi emisiju "Nedjeljom u 2", a trenuci koji se pamte,
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ned 22. januar 2017.


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