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1  Deadlines for myself and for the others
2  Collection of small objects: ghost magnet, glowing in the dark, a ballerina cake souvenir from Mia’s birthday, who has two fathers, Sissy, Avala-Berlin-tower, tablet splitter
3  Black stone
4  Evidence bag held on the green board by the power of a black magnet
5  Collection of magnets: Everlasting research in love, I “love” Berlin, I “love” NY, I “love” Naples
6  Ferrofluid, seductive black material I use for creating monumental sculpture for my project
7  IDFA pass. IDFA is the biggest documentary film festival and space for thoughts
8  IND paper, new Holland resident card, this time for 5 years
9  Urine and blood samples for an art project
10  Vatican
11  Biopsy samples, consisting of nano-particles taht caused health problems among military, for an art project
12  3D postcard of a praying boy
13  FAAR magazine, "Faceless" issue, I was a guest editor
14  Hair comb in the shape of a black gun
15  Aerogel, NASA's discovery
16  Molly Nilsson, soundtrack for this spring...
17  Black cable mess, consisting of cables for external hard disks, LUMIX photo camera... an extension of item 40.
18  Finasteride
19  A gold button, given to me by a stranger, embedded in polyester
20  Dutch Bible in military camouflage print
21  Red magnet on a postcard from Francis Alys
22  Necklace with small embedded robot with super power camera spy eye
23  Kapilar - Russian medicine
24  Military items, for an art project
25  My parents' old globe
26  Sabreen Hafed artwork presented by Japan Iraq Medical Network
27  A portrait of my pinky, in a ship mirror, made with Canon 7D
28  "Lifting-Theft in Art", publication in which my project "The Illegal Chair" has been presented
29  Hito Steyerl
30  Chyawanprash
31  Natasha Kampusch’s book
32  Antique Hungarian horse – made from plastic
33  Comme des Garcons perfumes, INCENSE - Zagorsk and Ouarzazate
34  Car keys - road trip is due as soon as I learn to drive
35  €2 wallet from the Kreuzberg market
36  Nose hair shaver
37  Photos of a soldier who passed away after coming back from the war mission in the Balkans. He died at the very young age from cancer. His mother says he died from the DU (Depleted Uranium)
38  Beauty…
39  iPhone holding an artwork
40  Ionic hairdryer recommended to me by Jelena Rosić

Bogomir Doringer

Bogomir Doringer was born in 1983 in Yugoslavia (today known as Serbia). In his home country he experimented with the fashion and art, using his free time to research his talents, stay away from trouble, and give a critique on the upcoming postwar "jet set" values, that he disliked. He is a graduate of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, where he received his degree in arts. Soon after graduating, he was invited to join the film master program at the Netherlands Film and TV Academy. During this period his interests in social and political issues, fabrication, uncanny subjects and fashion, finally came together. This board reflects his inspiration at this moment in time, on April 1st 2011.

Photo by Ferry van der Nat

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