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My Inspiration Board is my own private alphabet
Heart opens/Heart closes: Wooden heart/Anti-stress red rubber heart
A Namyohorengekyo chant book Go to YouTube, YokoOno: Namyhorengekyo. The powerful ‘cause and effect’ law of The Nichiren Daishonin Buddhism. Make a wish. Chant. Gong!
B Tom Ford Angus TF 25 sunglasses TF: inspirational guru. On weekdays I mean business. On weekends I wear my sunglasses at night.
C Opium incense sticks They make me calm.
D Attitude magazine My teenage Bible and a monthly dose of humor.
E 20$ My bookmark.
F The Sartorialist book ADR, BryanBoy and Scott Schuman. The holy trinity of lifestyle blogging. The opinion makers. The Sartorialist. Blog. And the book.
G MOMA notebook and pencil Never been there. Never used.
H Wooden Santa Claus My bathroom toy.
I FDA Index The best years of education.
J Orasol The day after survival kit.
K Omega 3 fatty acids Team Ecomer vs Team Omega.
L Industria’s Divine party flyer My fav Belgrade’s party in the late 90’s. The flyer is for the very last party.
M BFW anti-stress-ball My “before night falls” fav toy.
N BB Bold 9780 My gadget of the year.
O Lady Bug Rock I don’t cook, but I like my vivid kitchen with unconventional details. Lady Bug was made by son of my Lithuanian friend.
P Red Ribbon badge It matters.
Q Like/Dislike Stamp My gift of the year.
R Comme Des Garcon 2 (perfume) Timeless One of just a few perfumes not available at the biggest airport duty free shops.
S Lubricant Durex Play If it’s not safe, I don’t wanna do it.
T Apple: iBook G4, iPod mini, iTouch My Eurovision library.
U Broadway sign I open my eyes and I see it above my bed.
V Postcards My collection of memories: I have more than five hundred postcards sent from all over the world.
W BITEF flyer My head and my hands.
X Hand weights My anti-stress daily excersize.
Y Chicago Broadway Musical DVD package My midnight karaoke.
Z True Blood illegal CD When you came in, the air went out.
Heart opens/Heart closes: Wooden heart/Anti-stress red rubber heart

Branislav Cerović

Branislav Cerović: theatre producer and freelance journalist.

Mrvi: blogger without a blog. A friend in need. Nightlife "Rosemary’s” baby. Always in a good mood. Arrogant and happy. I don’t do carbonated drinks and I don’t do fast food. But I do so many other things.

I’m 34.

Branislav Cerović is Mrvi.


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ned 20. maj 2018.


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